APG|SGA: Numerous mountain destinations extend their partnership

The destinations of Anzère, "Arosa Lenzerheide", Grächen, Grindelwald-Männlichen, Jungfrau Railways, Lenzerheide, and Ovronnaz have decided to continue their cooperation and partnership with APG|SGA in the long term.

The analogue and digital advertising spaces in the destinations of Anzère, Grächen and Ovronnaz in the Valais, "Arosa Lenzerheide" in the Grisons, and Grindelwald-Männlichen and Jungfraubahnen in the Bernese Oberland are managed and marketed exclusively by APG|SGA. APG|SGA thus counts around 90 percent of all Swiss mountain railway companies among its partners.

"The fact that we can once again count on the cooperation of our long-standing partners despite challenging times is something we are delighted about. In the past, APG|SGA has proven time and again that it can provide a finely tuned range of orientation systems, advertising media and services - which contributes to the safety, information and entertainment of guests," says Christian Gotter, Head of Partners and Operations and member of the APG|SGA Executive Board.

In each mountain destination, APG|SGA aims to individually optimize and sustainably develop the outdoor advertising offering. In this way, advertisers will have even more attractive opportunities in the future to leave a lasting impression - both on the local population and on the active and affluent guests in a holiday mood.

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