New brand identity for Livesystems

Under the new claim "Reach your audience." Livesystems Holding bundles its products. A new logo, new fonts and color concepts put Livesystems and its cross-media strategy in the center. The new brand identity was developed internally.

Livesystems generated more than 2.6 million daily contacts with its digital offering, according to a statement. The company's screens can be found under the name "Passengertv" on public transport, as "Gasstationtv" at petrol stations and as "Cityscreen" at convenience shops, in city centres, car parks and in front of shopping centres. In addition, there is "Passengersign", the analogue advertising spaces around the vehicle fleet of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich VBZ. This product family belongs together - and you should notice that. That's why the digital out-of-home provider Livesystems is also signaling this with its future brand name "Livesystems".

According to Livesystems, the existing product names will slowly disappear from the scene and be transformed into new clusters:

  • Public Transport: The digital screen inventory in public transport
  • Gas Station: advertising steles around the gas stations and their convenience shops
  • City & Rail: High-format, large-area screens in city centres, car parks, in and around railway stations
  • Retail: Screens at the growing point-of-sales network
  • Analog OOH: Analog advertising space with transport companies
  • Online: Advertising opportunities on the online news platform

The new Livesystems logo was created internally during the last months. The result is a logo consisting of two "play buttons". The upper part of the logo stands for digitalization and dynamics, the lower play button shows the connection to the own online news platform On closer inspection, the letters LS - for Livesystems - can be seen in the loop.

The logo is supported by the new claim "Reach your audience. With this, the company wants to symbolize its DOOH reach - which will be enriched by an audience of millions with the analog advertising offer and in close intertwining with the online news portal

In addition, the new color concept in fresh green tones is intended to signal that all signs are green in the Livesystems media house - the "play button" is pressed.

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