Goldbach stages Coop's good deed day

On Saturday, Coop and six partners are calling for the second Good Deed Day. Goldbach is taking over the cross-media advertising placement of the solidarity-based join-in campaign, which is intended to motivate many good deeds and trigger a positive movement in Switzerland.

On Saturday, Coop's Good Deed Day will take place across Switzerland for the second time in cooperation with six partners. Goldbach is promoting the Good Deed Day in advance with the cross-media portfolio via TV, audio, newspapers and magazines in print and digital as well as via social media to draw attention to the voluntary commitment to fellow human beings and the environment.

The cross-media campaign includes the placement of the promo spot for two weeks on TV stations such as RTL, ProSieben, SAT.1 or 3plus as well as print ads and display ads in various media titles and also editorial contributions in cooperation with main media partners. 20 minutes.

In the audio sector, trailers, moderated teasings and contributions relating to volunteering are integrated into the programming of various Swiss private radio stations. This creates a platform for the good deeds of radio listeners. Their personal stories and experiences will be broadcast daily on the radio in the run-up to the Day of Good Deeds. The cross-media campaign is rounded off by social media posts.

The Good Day was launched by Coop in 2019. When it was first held, hundreds of thousands of volunteers throughout Switzerland got involved, including private individuals, associations and organisations, Coop employees and Swiss celebrities. In 2020, the campaign was cancelled due to the pandemic. After this forced break, the Day of Good Deeds will be back in 2021.

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