A poster site becomes a mini shop window

As part of the launch of the new Vertuo Next coffee machine, Nespresso, Zenith Media and Clear Channel transformed billboards into transparent mini shop windows.

To promote the new Vertuo Next coffee machine, a self-designed advertising format was used. In addition to digital screens, classic posters and megaposters, traditional illuminated billboards at several stops in Zurich and Bern were transformed into mini shop windows.

Responsible at Nespresso: Elba Ferreiro (Brand Communication Manager), Elodie Schackemy (Media & Content Manager). Responsible at Zenith Media: Stefan Lohrer (Account Director), Tiziana Arcadi (Account Manager), Jeanine Wetli (Print/OOH Manager). Responsible at Clear Channel (production and implementation): Stephan Schwab (Head of Sales), Roman Neumayer (Senior Key Account Manager), Roberto Credaro (Head of Operations), K Strebel (Graphics and Video). Responsible for Attilio MeyerMarc A. Meyer (CEO/Owner).

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