New specialist for digital advertising material Pixeltek goes to the start

Nadine Vasella and Guy Collé founded Pixeltek. The company, based in Kyburg, focuses on digital advertising productions for its clients, which include agencies, direct clients and companies - such as the online pharmacy Zur Rose.

They founded the production company Pixeltek: Nadine Vasella and Guy Collé.

"As founders with agency experience, we know what Swiss companies and agencies are desperately looking for," writes the founding duo Nadine Vasella and Guy Collé in a statement. The two founded Pixeltek because "the quality of foreign producers or communication often did not quite meet expectations," it continues.

The production manufactory Pixeltek takes care of all productions of their clients' digital advertising campaigns and offers advertising material in HTML 5 for desktop and mobile up to complex moving images and dynamic ads. As a service provider, the company aims to follow the campaigns of its creative clients and present them as breathtakingly as they imagine. Production takes place exclusively in Switzerland. The experienced consultant Nadine Vasella is responsible for the smooth process and Guy Collé for the flawless programming.

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