New name for Scout24 MediaImpact

Effective immediately, Scout24 MediaImpact is operating under the new name Scout24 Advertising. With the renaming, the digital advertising marketer aims to strengthen its position as a marketing expert for Scout24's marketplaces and platforms.

Philipp Benker, Managing Director of Scout24 Advertising.

"On the one hand, the name Scout24 Advertising allows us to appear independently on the market as a competent partner for digital advertising marketing. On the other hand, the new name also underscores our proximity to the leading national marketplaces of Scout24 Schweiz AG," says Philipp Benker, Managing Director of Scout24 Advertising, explaining the name change. For customers such as car importers or real estate companies, he says, advertising placement on Scout24's platforms, from which they also get their leads, is the ideal complement. This way, they would get everything from a single source.

Added value for users and advertisers

"The wide reach of the Scout24 ecosystem enables us to divide users into precise target groups, which allows us to offer our advertisers solutions tailored to their needs," says Benker. For example, a car dealer wants to be present where the target group is most inclined to buy a car. In addition, he says, this allows the target group's interactions to be directly measured through conversion insights - such as leads, clicks or transactions. This means that the advertising campaign can be optimized on an ongoing basis if necessary.

"We are currently focusing on enabling AutoScout24 and ImmoScout24 customers to set up and adjust their own advertising campaigns with one click," Philipp Benker elaborates. "In this way, customers are relieved of complex advertising booking processes and can focus on their core activities." On the other hand, users of the Scout24 platforms would receive advertising and offers that match their interests and are relevant to them at the moment. "With the name Scout24 Advertising, we are now also highlighting this customer proximity on both sides by name."

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