Livesystems screens now available at BLS stations

In the course of 2021, large-format advertising pillars from Livesystems will be installed on platforms, at station shops and on station squares in the BLS rail network. From winter 2021, they will contribute to the Livesystems audience with an expected 39,000 contacts per day.

Livesystems has won the BLS tender with its digital screens against the competition. "We are very pleased about the renewed confidence of BLS," Christian Imhof, CEO of Livesystems Dooh, was quoted as saying in a press release. BLS, the second largest railway in Switzerland, has already relied on products from Livesystems for the equipment of the Lötschberger trains and for its new flirts with Passengertv. "With the digitalisation of the BLS stations, our entire advertising network is becoming more attractive," Imhof continues.

This year, this will now be followed by a number of locations outside BLS stations. They will be equipped with 75-inch screens.

Marketing from Q4 2021

Rollouts are planned at several BLS stops in the area of the city of Berne, as well as at the stations of Belp, Frutigen, Grenchen, Huttwil, Interlaken, Schwarzenburg and Spiez. Further locations in the BLS S-Bahn network are being examined. The marketing launch of the new advertising spaces is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Content supplier for the news is the online news portal, which is located under the umbrella of Livesystems Holding.

Over 2.6 million contacts daily

According to the press release, the large-area city screen advertising beacons from Livesystems have established themselves quickly and widely over the last three years. Today, they can be found at train stations, in parking garages, in front of shopping centers and at well-frequented places in city centers.

With a growing number of service station shops, Livesystems is experiencing strong growth. Just last fall, Livesystems added over 400 new locations to its portfolio with the two partners Tamoil and Migrolino ( reported).

Together with the screens in public transport, the new marketing network in Swiss Post branches and the online news portal, an advertising campaign on the Livesystems product mix is said to achieve over 2.6 million daily contacts. The total figure does not currently include the analogue "Passengersign" offer. According to Livesystems, the analogue indoor and outdoor advertising spaces on the vehicle fleet of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich VBZ achieve a potential of over one million contacts on weekdays.

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