DAB Network brings display advertising to the home office

DAB display advertising is now available not only in the car, but also on the DAB home radio at home. The DAB Network has completed the launch phase for "DAB Display Ad".


The first "DAB Display Ad" was played out on the displays in cars throughout Switzerland at the end of August 2020 (Werbewoche.ch reported). "Since then, many customers have booked the new mass medium and have been more than satisfied with the new way to reach their target audience. The new medium passed the test phase with flying colors," DAB Network wrote in a statement. According to DAB Network, there were no technical problems and all campaigns were delivered smoothly.

Nevertheless, DAB Network has continued to work on the offer, develop it further and optimize it, it continues. The offer was extended to all DAB home radios with displays, which corresponds to an additional reach of over 280,000 contacts. In addition, the broadcast time of the advertising subject was increased from two to three minutes. Advertisers also receive detailed reporting of the booked campaign, similar to banner advertising. In addition, it should soon be possible to integrate DAB display ads programmatically.

The DAB Network was created from the company TheIndustry. The division, which is headed by Sandro Proietto, develops the DAB display ads and holds the contracts with the individual radio stations. TheIndustry markets the DAB Network offer.


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