Neo Advertising expands offer in Geneva shopping centre Balexert

The third largest shopping centre in Switzerland, Geneva's Balexert, will receive additional digital and classic billboards from Neo Advertising.


One of Neo Advertising's branding zones at Geneva's Balexert. (Image: zVg.)

The shopping centre has more than eight million visitors per year, around 100 shops and an annual turnover of CHF 400 million. Since 2016, Balexert has been part of Neo Advertising's Digital Shopping Network offering.

Currently, the offer in Balexert includes 15 digital advertising spaces, so-called totems, which are placed at the neuralgic locations of the center to cover 100 percent of the visitor flow. Two oversized LED surfaces - branding zones - are located at each of the centre's main entrances.

From 1 July 2021, the following advertising spaces will now be added. These include a new branding zone with an area of more than 60 square meters, placed in the heart of the central atrium, 21 classic poster panels outside the center, prominently placed along Geneva's main traffic routes, and also 54 backlit poster sites in the shopping center's parking garages, which are particularly well suited for long-term advertising campaigns.

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