Mediapulse takes over Swiss online research from Net-Metrix as of 2021

Online research will be carried out by Mediapulse in future. Net-Metrix will continue to operate the current research system until the end of 2020. Whether the employees can be taken over is currently being examined.


After the Discontinuation of the SMDH project in spring 2019 various variants for the further development of online research have been drawn up and evaluated in the boards of directors of Net-Metrix, WEMF and Mediapulse. These approaches have also been evaluated by various market participants and major clients.

The decision to entrust Swiss online research to Mediapulse in future was taken with a large consensus. With its existing and further developed measurement systems, the company has an infrastructure that can also be optimally used for online research, according to a statement.


Increasing convergence of media is taken into account

Based on this, a more extensive overall system will be developed. In the opinion of the parties involved, the solution proposed by Mediapulse best corresponds to market developments: The steadily advancing convergence of media, the increasing importance of moving images, the need to provide information from a single source as well as the increasing pressure for economies of scale and synergies in research.

As a consequence, the activities will be transferred from Net-Metrix AG to Mediapulse AG. Net-Metrix will continue to operate the current research system until the end of 2020. The employees of Net-Metrix will continue to be employed in full until then, and a takeover in the successor project is being examined.


"Net-Metrix will be remembered fondly".

Jürg Weber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Net-Metrix: "We are delighted to have found a competent successor for online research in Mediapulse. Net-Metrix was founded over twelve years ago by SRG and WEMF to bundle the various research approaches in online. Now, with the new solution, the research structure can be simplified again. The employees of Net-Metrix can be proud of the excellent work they have done over these years. For this, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Managing Director Rolf Schmitz and his team. Net-Metrix will be remembered fondly."

The next step will be to define the specific activities within Mediapulse. This will take place in close cooperation with the market. Tanja Hackenbruch, CEO Mediapulse: "We are looking forward to this mandate from the market and have many ideas and power to implement it. Now we need a few months to work out the concrete implementation in close cooperation with the market. In spring we will know more and will communicate directly with all parties involved." (hae)

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