Gamned! launches the first Programmatic campaign in Switzerland

In DOOH, programmatic is now a reality in the Swiss market. The agency Gamned! has just launched the first DOOH Programmatic campaign for client Visilab on the Neo Advertising network.


At the moment, the tests of the specialists on the subject of digital posters and DOOH are piling up. But the first thing to do is to fundamentally test the process from A to Z. This is the best way to get to grips with the specifics of the programmatic process. Gamned! has now launched the first programmatic campaign for client Visilab on over 100 screens that are part of Neo Advertising's network.

"The process is similar to a display or video campaign: First, the medium or media network must agree with the trading desk on the choice of screens and the price. Then Neo Advertising creates a specific deal in its SSP, in this case BroadSign. Displayce, our DSP, connects with that SSP to set up the campaign: Date, Time, Videos, Budget, Frequency, etc. Once setup is complete, the ad message - a 10-second vertical video - can be reviewed by Neo Advertising. Once the banner is approved, the campaign can start," explains Pierre Berendes, Managing Director of Gamned! Switzerland.

"Programmatic buying of DOOH formats has finally become a reality. Our digital inventory has been available on our SSP Reach platform for a few months, but we needed some time to get the market familiar with it. That's why we're even more excited to have launched our first major campaign with Visilab, as well as other smaller campaigns that are currently underway. Programmatic is an extraordinary opportunity for DOOH media to attract new digital affine customers and to offer existing customers new tools for their media planning. This will be one of our big challenges in 2020," comments Florian Maas, COO of Neo Advertising.

"We rely heavily on DOOH as a link between the supports to enforce our onmichannel strategy. That's why when our partner Gamned! offered us the first programmatic campaign on the Neo Advertising network, we jumped at the chance. We are very excited because, for Visilab, this is an essential measure to optimize the customer journey and address our customers with integrated communication concepts focused on engagement," adds Jean-Baptiste Gerberon, Team Leader Marketing Online / Omnichannel at Visilab.

The programmatic offer in the DOOH area is initially limited to niche inventories (gas stations, shops, pharmacies, sports clubs) and on smaller screens. In 2020, however, the three national providers plan to offer their inventory completely or partially in programmatic form. As a result, the market will also open up to new customers and offer brands the opportunity to use networks that offer the entirety of the digital screens available. Creative agencies will be particularly excited about this, as Programmatic DOOH offers the opportunity to contextualise, personalise and even offer interaction with the mobile user.

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