IAB and SWA: Disclosure of Visibility Values as of 2020

As a result of their joint transparency initiative, IAB Switzerland and the Swiss Advertisers Association (SWA) have now scored a first success. From 2020, the major Swiss media houses and marketers will also transparently publish visibility values for all advertising formats and placements in their price lists.


For the first time, the digital advertising industry association IAB Switzerland and the SWA have launched a cross-association initiative to address market needs for greater transparency in digital advertising. With the new initiative, which association representatives have developed together with the major media houses and marketers in Switzerland, visibility performance will be disclosed in the future. 


Agreement on transparent publication of visibility values 

From January 1, 2020, the following Swiss publishers and marketers will transparently publish the visibility performance of the individual advertising media and placements in addition to their prices.

Publication will take the form of either guaranteed or indicative visibility values or a visibility range. These apply to all campaigns and all customers. Measurement is carried out in accordance with the 50/1 IAB standard using a publisher tool accredited by a recognized organization (e.g. Media Rating Council MRC). 

At the current time, Admeira, Audienzz, Goldbach Audience, Romandie Network, Tamedia and Watson have agreed to support this initiative. 


Quarterly Benchmark Report

In order to achieve transparency regarding the development of the visibility rate across all major advertising offerings in Switzerland, a quarterly visibility report is also published by the IAB and SWA as part of this initiative, for which the above-mentioned marketers supply the data. This data is independently monitored and aggregated for the overall market. The first Visibility Benchmark Report will be published at the beginning of the second quarter of 2020.

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