"Swiss Media Data Hub" has started data collection

The "Swiss Media Data Hub" (SMDH) project initiated jointly by Mediapulse and WEMF is starting to be implemented. The team led by project manager Marcus Föbus started the first trial data collection these days. With the SWA and the LSA, two well-known industry representatives have also been won as shareholders for the ambitious project, which also stands out internationally.


The preparatory phase has been completed. In a first step, publishers are implementing the tag from ComScore on a test basis in order to drive the necessary model development forward with the data obtained. In a second step, from the second half of 2018, the definitive tag will be successively integrated into all offers of the contractual partners such as websites (stationary and mobile) and apps (Android, iOS). In parallel, the Swiss Media Panel (SMP) is being built up. This means that by means of a representative sample, the usage habits of the Swiss online population will be recorded as a further basis for the subsequent method model.

The preparatory phase has been successfully completed

The SMDH is working on a solution that allows advertisers to compare their digital campaign performance. This is because measuring the forms of advertising delivered decoupled from the content is important for all market participants in order to obtain transparency (ad fraud detection) and security (brand safety, viewability) in media performance at the level of net reach (unique users). The preliminary work for the comprehensive, cross-genre procurement, dissemination and analysis of online-based media usage data has now been successfully completed.

Industry organisations are convinced of SMDH

The SMDH project is organised within NET-Metrix (a subsidiary of Mediapulse and WEMF). In addition to the two majority holdings of Mediapulse and WEMF and the two previously announced minority holdings of the SWA (Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband - represented on the Board of Directors by its President Roger Harlacher) and the LSA (Leading Swiss Agencies - represented on the Board of Directors by its spokesman Christian-Kumar Meier), the SMDH is in active contact with other well-known industry associations for the purpose of financial involvement. All industry organisations are convinced of the need for uniform, comparable and independent Swiss online reach research for advertising media and advertising materials as an industry currency. Thus, the LSA maintains in its stance and expectation of the SMDH: "We are committed to the SMDH and will rely on this currency in the future and consistently measure our campaigns with the new system." This spring, the boards of directors of Mediapulse, WEMF and NET-Metrix agreed on a financing concept for the development of the SMDH.

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