Media houses and Swiss Media Association found AdAgent to handle print campaigns

Following the bankruptcy of advertising marketer Publicitas, AZ Medien, Corriere del Ticino, NZZ, Tamedia and the Swiss Media Association have founded a new company. This is to be active on the market as early as next week under the name AdAgent AG.


AdAgent AG, based in Lucerne, was founded with its publication in the commercial register on Tuesday, according to the company's chairman of the board, Jürg Weber. Weber is also head of the NZZ regional media. AdAgent AG is to support advertisers and publishers in handling print campaigns.

According to the media release, the new company will offer a "professional, standardized service" for booking and handling print campaigns in the sense of "one order / one invoice". Further information is promised for this week.

Publicitas had run into difficulties after more and more publishers ended their cooperation with the company. Tamedia was the first to pull out, followed by other media companies. They all complained about poor payment practices and outstanding payments.

Tamedia, NZZ, AZ Medien, the Corriere del Ticino and the Swiss Media Publishers Association announced that they would set up a new company to handle media campaigns, following the application for debt-restructuring moratorium for Publicitas.

Last Friday, Publicitas went bankrupt. Like the media houses, it suffered from the marked decline in print advertising. The company was already in the red several times, withdrew from foreign business, was shrunk and restructured. (SDA)

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