Uvek wants to enable target group-specific advertising on television

According to the Uvek, SRG and private broadcasters with a license are to be given the opportunity to broadcast target-group-specific advertising in their licensed programs. However, various restrictions are planned.


This proposal is part of the draft revision of the Radio and Television Ordinance (RTVO), which the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (Uvek) will be submitting for consultation from October 30, 2017. Under the current legal situation, SRG is not able to offer different advertising blocks for different target groups (targeted advertising).

The Uvek opens a consultation procedure on amendments to the RTVO. According to this bill, SRG and private radio and television broadcasters with a license will in future be able to broadcast target-group-specific advertising in their licensed programs in order to address the audience more specifically with their commercials. Target groups can, for example, consist of groups of people with common interests (e.g., sports or gastronomy) or be formed on the basis of demographic criteria (e.g., people over 50).

Restrictions on underage and regional target groups

However, such advertising is to be prohibited before, during and after broadcasts aimed at minors. At SRG, it may also last a maximum of four minutes per hour within the maximum total daily advertising time of 15 percent of the daily broadcasting time. In addition, out of consideration for other media companies, this form of advertising at SRG may not be directed at regional target groups. Telecommunications service providers are also not obliged to broadcast target-group-specific advertising.

The Federal Council already announced the creation of the legal basis for this new form of advertising in the Service Public report of June 17, 2016. This is intended to give broadcasters the opportunity to counteract the loss of advertising revenues.

Expanding services for the sensory impaired and support for the SDA.

The proposed amendment to the ordinance addresses other points. For example, SRG is to be obliged to further expand services for the sensory impaired. In the future, this share is to be increased from the current one-third to three-quarters of its broadcasting time.

In addition, the RTVO is to create the basis for financial support for the Swiss Dispatch Agency (SDA). This should secure its important contribution to the quality of local-regional reporting in the longer term.

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