Giornale del Popolo to be marketed again by Publicitas

The Ticino daily newspaper Giornale del Popolo will again be marketed exclusively by Publicitas from January 1, 2018.


The renewal of the contract in a changed constellation was preceded by the merger of the news editorial teams of Corriere del Ticino and Giornale del Popolo in 2012. Until April 2017, these two titles were also marketed by Publicitas.

Now that the cooperation with Corriere del Ticino will be terminated at the end of 2017, Giornale del Popolo has once again opted for Publicitas when it comes to marketing. Alessandra Zumthor, Editor-in-Chief of the title, which is read by 37,000 people every day, comments: "We are delighted to have a reliable and professional marketing partner at our side in Publicitas". Francesco Peroni, head of Publicitas Ticino, appreciates "the vote of confidence on the part of Giornale del Popolo" and is looking forward to resuming the collaboration, according to a statement.


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