Goldbach Media invited to the second Swiss DOOH Summit

On Wednesday, September 6, Goldbach Media hosted the second Swiss DOOH Summit in Küsnacht. There, experts talked about new ways to make digital out of home campaigns even more effective.


Technical innovations and developments were of particular interest. Ivan del Muro from the company Quividi spoke about his vision for the future: a camera on every DOOH screen that can not only process the data about the viewer, but also perceive his reaction to the advertising shown.


Sven Ruppert from Jaduda also focused on the further development of the medium and explained how campaigns can achieve greater attention by cleverly linking DOOH and other media, such as mobile.


However, all technical innovations are of little use without a strong creation. This was demonstrated by director and designer Martin Albisetti with a stirring presentation on storytelling. "Messages are most effectively conveyed through the heart and emotions. That's why good stories are so important in advertising," he explained.

Darius Barmettler, Account Manager at Goldbach Media, demonstrated what the interplay between creation and technology can look like with an in-house case. For the Knorr brand, the Unilever company developed the "Z'nacht isch Suppe-Zit" campaign together with Goldbach Media, linking mobile and DOOH. An appetizing spot was broadcast as an ad on a total of 11,525 digital out of home (DOOH) screens in German and French-speaking Switzerland and as an ad on mobile devices. On mobile, users also had the opportunity to answer a question. The trick: the answer was revealed in the advertising material on the DOOH screen. The advantage was given to those who were in the vicinity of a screen and paid attention to the advertising shown there.

All speakers agreed on one point: It's not for nothing that the DOOH medium is growing steadily, even in a changing media market. "It would be great if the Swiss DOOH Summit can keep up with the growth of the medium," hoped Benjamin Wey, Senior Manager Business Development for the DOOH division of Goldbach Media, who led through the event as moderator. "This event is a wonderful occasion to bring clients and networks together. We are delighted with the interest of the audience and the high quality of the individual expert contributions." (pd)

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