Until 2030: APG|SGA wins tender from the city of Lugano

APG|SGA won the tender of the city of Lugano and received the exclusive right for all outdoor advertising formats. This includes analogue and digital advertising media, megaposters and other innovative forms of advertising. The contract is valid for a period of 13 years from 1 January 2018.


In the autumn of 2016, the city of Lugano launched a tender for the exclusive right to place posters on public land. This exclusive right was awarded to APG|SGA, which will thus continue to be the partner of the city of Lugano and the advertising customers for outdoor advertising for the next 13 years. With the award, APG|SGA has obtained the right to implement new, innovative advertising media in the city of Lugano by means of an advertising concept to be developed. The first priority is the digitization of selected top surfaces at premium locations.

Renato Belotti, Regional Manager South, is delighted with the announcement: "With this decision, we will further expand our market position in Lugano and throughout Ticino. With the possibility of digitalization and the realization of new products, we will develop Lugano into a showcase city in terms of outdoor advertising. This will benefit our advertising customers".

APG|SGA is firmly anchored in Ticino. The company has had a branch in the city of Lugano since 1916. The long-term contract is intended to enable APG|SGA to expand its market position sustainably and with innovative forms of offering, according to the statement.

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