Corriere del Ticino Plus launches its own marketing campaign

After 124 years, the titles Corriere del Ticino and Giornale del Popolo (Corriere del Ticino Plus) have decided to handle the advertising market on their own. MediaTI Marketing, a subsidiary of MediaTI Holding, is now responsible for this. Publicitas will nevertheless remain on board.


"New challenges in the advertising markets, greater market presence and proximity, greater flexibility and the creation of multimedia solutions for advertisers, advertising and media agencies have prompted us to take this major step," explains Marcello Foa, CEO of MediaTI Holding and himself a former employee of Publicitas in Ticino. It is with a great deal of respect, but also with great determination and joy, that we are starting the new era, says Foa, who would like to take this opportunity to thank Publicitas "for the long, reliable, successful and fruitful collaboration".

Corriere del Ticino Plus will start its own marketing as of 1 April 2017. At the same time, Publicitas will remain responsible for marketing the combination BITOP (Corriere del Ticino Plus and la Regione) and Ticinosette until the end of 2017. The collaboration with la Regione will even last until the end of 2018, as Publicitas explained at the request of Werbewoche. According to spokeswoman Chantal Häberling, Publicitas remains open to a collaboration with Corriere del Ticino within the framework of mediation.

Publicitias Italy increases sales team

Meanwhile, Publicitas intends to concentrate on the Italian market. The market in Europe's fourth largest country has been revitalised over the last two years with its own products and services and is regarded as a core market that is to be consistently developed further, according to a statement on Wednesday.

For this reason, part of the sales team from the canton of Ticino will help to drive the activities in Italy from 2017 onwards. With the necessary linguistic and cultural background, the team has proven successful in particular with new and innovative digital products, it says.

In the area of the Ticino administration, there may be "adjustments", Publictias told Werbewoche. How exactly these "adjustments" will turn out, however, will only become clear in the coming weeks and months.

"I am particularly proud that we will launch our automated trading platform with our Publicitas Sales App in Italy in the first months of 2017. This will give us the differentiation we need to be very successful with our expanded sales team," says Jörg Nürnberg, Group CEO of Publicitas. (hae/pd)

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