Sunrise and All Eyes on Screens: New insights into moving image advertising

All Eyes on Screens and Sunrise are joining forces to combine real-time data on TV usage with an AI tool. The aim is to make TV advertising more relevant.

Image: Erik Mclean; Unsplash.

All Eyes On Screens (AEOS), data provider and solution specialist for real-time measurement and AI-based planning and optimization of moving image advertising (online video and all TV channels), has entered into a partnership with Sunrise. The collaboration focuses on synergies in the respective data analysis expertise and the combination of Sunrise's anonymized and data protection-compliant TV usage data with AEOS technology. The aim is to enable advertisers and agencies to plan campaigns even more effectively and efficiently and to optimize TV campaigns in real time.

Attention and playout

How many households does a TV commercial actually reach? When does the advertising message attract the most attention? Are short or longer commercials more effective during the commercial break? Which placements in the advertising island are most effective? And what significance do the time of day, station and thematic environment have for the commercial? The new service aims to answer these questions.

The new insights on moving image advertising are based on real TV usage behavior. Sunrise aggregates the corresponding real-time data in anonymized form and prepares it for further processing by AEOS. It is not possible to track the preferences or habits of individuals, nor can they be targeted through customized campaigns or in any other way. The net TV reach (linear and time-shifted) collected in this way is merged with the AEOS video data, which is based on AI-based video recognition of TV campaigns, and is available to advertisers and agencies within 24 hours. The high market coverage makes extrapolations superfluous and allows a wide range of evaluations at various KPI levels.

AEOS provides a data "cockpit" for this. It provides advertisers and agencies with a second-by-second insight into placement, reach, view-through rate and the interest groups that have seen the advertising message on TV. The cockpit can also be used to incorporate external data, such as traffic, sales or weather data, and to visualize the insights. The results supplement and deepen the measurement data that is already available as part of viewer research. This enables even more precise analyses and a wide range of data-based ex-post optimizations.

For advertisers on digital channels, the corresponding data is also available in the data "cockpit", which can be used to further optimize TV campaigns and strategies on digital channels (video/display, social media and DOOH). This opens up completely new opportunities to play out cross-media campaigns effectively and efficiently.

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