Zattoo CEO Niklas Brambring resigns

Niklas Brambring will step down from his position as CEO of Zattoo, which he has held since January 2012. This is at his own request and after lengthy planning in close consultation with the Board of Directors, as the TV streaming provider writes in a press release.

(Image: Zattoo/Nadine Stenzel)

"These are exciting times and the team is doing a great job. Our subscription figures in DACH are growing steadily. In Germany in particular, the 'abolition of pay-as-you-go' opens up opportunities and we are well positioned," Bambring is quoted as saying in the press release.

Zattoo has already initiated the search for a successor to Bambring. "Until a successor has been found and trained, Brambring will remain fully committed," it continues.

"Our largest shareholders, the TX Group and Bea Knecht, want to continue on course with profitable growth. To this end, we are looking for the best possible successor to strategically develop Zattoo together with the team and find the next growth drivers," says Sam Hügli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zattoo. "We still have a lot planned for this year. It's too early to say goodbye."

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