Ringier Media Switzerland CEO Heimgartner becomes President of the World Publishers Association

Ladina Heimgartner is the new President of the World Association of Publishers WAN-IFRA. The CEO of Ringier Media Switzerland was elected to head WAN-IFRA by the delegates at the members' meeting in Copenhagen. The global organization represents the interests of over 3,000 media companies and stands up for independent journalism worldwide.

Ladina Heimgartner, CEO Ringier Media Switzerland & Head Media Ringier. (Picture: Philippe Rossier)

At today's general meeting in Copenhagen, the members of the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) elected Ladina Heimgartner as its new president. The CEO of Ringier Media Switzerland succeeds Fernando de Yarza López-Madrazo from Spain, who has led the association for the past six years.

WAN-IFRA is the global industry organization of private media companies. Its mission is to protect the rights of journalists, publishers and media companies around the world and to promote good conditions for independent journalism. The organization is active in 120 countries and represents the interests of 3,000 media companies with over 18,000 publications. Since its foundation in 1948, WAN-IFRA has promoted international cooperation between publishers and media companies, set quality standards for the media industry and actively advocated press freedom with authorities, politicians and other institutions.

In her inaugural speech, Ladina Heimgartner spoke to the members of WAN-IFRA about the major challenges facing journalism worldwide and the importance of tackling these together: "WAN-IFRA creates global networks and helps media companies to be innovative and successful in a rapidly changing digital world. This is essential for the media to be able to fulfill their important role in society."

The Swiss Media Publishers Association is a member of WAN-IFRA together with around 60 other national organizations.

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