ChatGPT also gets access to Wall Street Journal and Times

The chatbot ChatGPT will also be able to access articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Times of London in future. Developer OpenAI has signed a multi-year agreement with media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. group for this purpose.


This will allow users to view information from the respective media and use the content to improve the software, OpenAI announced on Wednesday. The deal also includes access to current and archive material from other News Corp. titles such as New York Post and The Sun.

In recent months, the German Axel Springer Group, the French newspaper Le Monde and the Financial Times agreements concluded with OpenAI. The New York Times on the other hand, went to court in December with the accusation that ChatGPT had been trained with articles from the newspaper without permission. Recently, several American regional newspapers owned by the investor Alden Global Capital - including the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News.

ChatGPT triggered the hype surrounding artificial intelligence over a year ago. Such AI chatbots are trained with huge amounts of information and can formulate texts at the linguistic level of a human, write software code and summarize information. The principle behind this is that they estimate word for word how a sentence should continue. (SDA)

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