SRF "Tagesschau" criticizes the judiciary inappropriately according to the UBI

Swiss Radio and Television SRF did not give the audience sufficient opportunity to form its own opinion in a report on the FIFA affair in its main "Tagesschau" edition. This was the conclusion reached by the Independent Complaints Authority for Radio and Television UBI.

The UBI approved a corresponding complaint by four votes to three, as was reported in a press release on Thursday.

This referred to an approximately two-minute SRF report on the discontinuation of the criminal proceedings against former Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber and FIFA President Gianni Infantino, which was broadcast on October 23 last year. In it, a criminal law expert and a political and sports journalist from the South German Newspaper critical of the discontinuation of the proceedings.

In the complaint lodged against this, the federal attorneys responsible for the ruling complain that the German journalist presented as an "expert" makes serious accusations in the article without being able to comment on them.

According to the UBI, there was controversy during the consultation as to whether the disputed statements ("caring protection of functionaries") were serious accusations or permissible criticism of the judiciary.

The UBI is an extra-parliamentary federal commission. Its decisions can be appealed to the Federal Supreme Court once the written reasons have been submitted. (SDA)

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