Zurich court stops Weltwoche article with illegal recording

The Meilen District Court has banned Weltwoche from publishing and printing an article about a Zurich judge online. The court upheld an application by the judge in question. The article has since been deleted.

(Screenshot: Weltwoche.ch)

The text was about an anti-vaccination campaigner who brought an action against his allegedly abusive dismissal before a labor court. During a break in the proceedings, the parties had to leave the courtroom, with only the court remaining in the room for the discussion.

However, the plaintiff recorded the meeting on his cell phone, which he left lying around. According to established case law, this is illegal. On the recording, the judge says, among other things, that she believes "the rambling" was the reason for the dismissal.

The Weltwoche then reported on this hearing with original sound bites and in an attacking manner. After the Zurich district court complained, the Weltwoche the citations and the name of the recorded judge.

However, as the author of the text writes on Platform X, the Meilen district court has since ordered the text to be removed completely, with immediate effect. The Weltwoche has its registered office in Zollikon, which is why the Meilem court has jurisdiction.

The Zurich High Court has since filed a criminal complaint against the man who recorded the conversation, according to a statement from the court. The high court took action because the judge who was recorded also works as a Zurich substitute high court judge. (SDA)

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