Station square back at APG|SGA

APG|SGA has brought the station square with Europe's longest streetcar stop shelter back into its portfolio - and is planning flexible offers for advertising customers, from overall branding to individual spaces.

Zurich's public transport authority (VBZ) has awarded APG|SGA the contract to market the 64 premium F12 illuminated posters on Bahnhofplatz in the heart of Zurich. APG|SGA was responsible for marketing the longest streetcar stop shelter in Europe when it was inaugurated in 2004 and was the contract holder until 2016. The current contract with the current contract holder, Livesystems AG, which has been part of Swiss Post since mid-2021, was terminated prematurely by mutual agreement with VBZ.

VBZ then invited the marketers who submitted a bid in the 2021 tender to submit their offer for the remaining term of the contract. From August 1, 2024, APG|SGA will be marketing a total of 64 F12 Top light panels, which are arranged in groups of four and interrupted by transparent glass modules.

APG|SGA plans to market the illuminated surfaces in the streetcar stop shelter - incidentally the longest streetcar stop shelter in Europe - as overall branding in blocks of four, as individual blocks of four or as individual surfaces, to national and regional customers. APG|SGA speaks of flexibility for large and small customers, from overall branding to individual spaces for smaller budgets.

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