Schawinski wants to broadcast in Graubünden under the name Radio Grischa

Media entrepreneur Roger Schawinski is planning the name Radio Grischa for his new Graubünden radio station. He wants to fight for the naming rights from Somedia. This is reported by Sonntagsblick with reference to an application to the Institute for Intellectual Property in Bern.


Based on the Swiss Trademark Protection Act, the application demands that Somedia's ownership claim to the Radio Grischa trademark be revoked. Until 2015, the radio station of the Somedia Group from Chur broadcast under the name Radio Grischa. The station was then renamed Radio Südostschweiz.

Schawinski is now invoking a passage in the law according to which the ownership claim to a trademark lapses if it is not used commercially for five years. He confirmed this to the Keystone-SDA news agency.

He is currently on the verge of signing a contract for his own studio in Chur, Schawinski continued. Around 20 people will work there for the new radio station in future.

Concession received at the beginning of the year

At the beginning of the year, Graubünden-based broadcaster Radio Südostschweiz lost its license for 2025 when the Federal Office of Communications (Bakom) awarded radio licenses. The contract was awarded to media entrepreneur Schawinski, who submitted an application under the name Radio Alpin.

He wants to break up Somedia's monopoly position and guarantee a greater diversity of opinion, the media entrepreneur told Keystone-SDA at the time. (SDA/swi)

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