Two Freiburg media companies examine joint web platform

The two media companies Mediaparc and St-Paul Médias, both active in the canton of Fribourg, are examining the possibility of a joint web platform. In this way, they want to secure the canton of Fribourg's position in the Western Swiss media region in the long term.

(Image: Frapp)

The project aims to pool the expertise and digital resources of the French-language side of the news platform Frapp and St-Paul Médias. The latter is, among other things, the publisher of the Fribourg daily newspaper La Liberté or the newspaper La Gruyère.

The joint platform would also integrate content from Radio.FR Fribourg and the regional television station "La Télé". Free and paid content is planned.

"We want to launch a digital Fribourg platform and thus secure the location of the canton of Fribourg in the Western Switzerland media region in the long term," Damien Piller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mediaparc, was quoted as saying in a press release on Wednesday.

"Market is too small"

Martial Pasquier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the St-Paul Group, adds: "The Fribourg market is too small to have two separate media players in the digital sector. We want to join forces to create a compelling product."

The two parties want to work out a concrete project in the coming months. A similar collaboration has also been initiated in German between Mediaparc and Freiburger Nachrichten. The canton of Fribourg is a bilingual canton.

The journalists' association Impressum was concerned about jobs after the announcement by the two media companies on Wednesday. The contours of the project are not yet clear, according to the association's press release. Nevertheless, it is likely to result in job losses. In addition, with only one joint news site, there is a threat of an impoverishment of the media landscape.

Difficult environment

Wednesday's announcement comes in an increasingly difficult environment for media companies. The print sector is particularly affected.

In February, the canton of Fribourg announced its intention to support regional media on a temporary and selective basis ( reported). A maximum of CHF 3.75 million is available, in particular to maintain the investment capacity of media companies in the course of digitization.

In addition, the canton will pay half of the subscription costs of the Fribourg media to the Keystone-SDA news agency for four years. (SDA/swi)

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