SRG in the black with stable ratings

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG will close 2023 with a balanced result. In operational terms, a profit of CHF 2.2 million remained despite falling revenues. Its stations recorded stable audience ratings.

Jahrelange Belästigungen bei RTS

The year was eventful and challenging, SRG announced on Friday. Despite the lack of major sporting events, a decline in linear radio and television usage and international competition, market shares remained stable.

83% of the internet-active population aged 15 and over use an SRG service at least once a week, be it on radio and television, on websites, via apps or social media platforms. The reach of online offerings remained stable. The Play Suisse streaming platform increased the number of subscribers to over one million ( reported).

Higher fee income

The operator of Swiss radio and television channels attributed the fact that an operating profit of CHF 2.2 million was achieved despite a further decline in advertising income to prudent financial planning.

SRG received CHF 1.27 billion from radio and television license fees, CHF 35 million more than in the previous year. Income from sponsorship and advertising fell by CHF 31 million to CHF 210 million. Other income fell by CHF 9 million to CHF 68 million.

SRG put its expenses at CHF 1.5 billion, CHF 10 million less than in 2022, resulting in a net profit of CHF 37.2 million. Because the pension fund is fully covered again, SRG was able to release a value adjustment of CHF 35 million, resulting in an operating profit of CHF 2.2 million.

53% of expenses were attributable to personnel costs. Production and programming costs fell by CHF 9 million because no major sporting events such as the Football World Cup, European Championships or the Olympic Games took place. This meant that there were no costs for sports rights. In contrast, expenditure on fictional productions increased.

(Graphic: zVg.)

High quality

SRG described the quality of its reporting as high. The forms of broadcasting would continue to enjoy the trust of the audience and lead the quality rankings.

In 2023, the editorial teams of all business units provided in-depth coverage of the federal elections, national natural disasters, the war in Ukraine and the escalation in the Middle East, among other things. (SDA)

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