Franz Fischlin launches YouMedia

Journalist and former SRF Tagesschau presenter Franz Fischlin, together with a dedicated project team and supported by several foundations, is launching the YouMedia initiative.

Franz Fischlin, together with social media host Jenny Kitzka. (Image: zVg.)

YouMedia's claim "Media and you. You and media" summarizes the aim of the initiative. With various digital offerings, the Youth Media Week, which has been running for seven years YouNews and other new formats are designed to promote young people's media skills. Together with young people and aimed at young people. 

The choice of media has never been greater - and the question of its quality has never been more pressing. Orientation towards social media is intuitive, and a conscious approach is becoming increasingly demanding. Because young people are both the present and the future of society, YouMedia explicitly operates in their media world and at their eye level. Following the principle of peer to peer - in terms of topic, content and communication.

On social media, YouMedia is primarily focused on Tiktok and Instagram. The aim is to show in a playful, entertaining and authentic way how media consumption can be enriching and helpful. And how to deal with the downsides - fake news, AI, doom scrolling, controversial role models and illusory worlds. The service will be developed and established in cooperation with young hosts, tailored to their needs, their topics and their usage behavior. To this end, YouMedia is using a casting call to find young people who will help shape the service from the outset. 

In summer 2024, the youth media platform which provides information on further activities and offers. Media content produced by young people can also be accessed on the website. The platform, which also contains background information on the topic of media literacy in dossiers, is also aimed at interested school classes, teachers and parents. 

In addition, thehe Youth Media Week YouNews, in which young people visit editorial offices and research topics themselves, write articles or even present radio and TV programs, will have a new digital home on YouMedia from summer 2024. YouNews will remain an independent brand and will be expanded and upgraded as part of YouMedia. For example, YouNews reporters will be able to apply for the YouMedia Award in a separate category. 

With the YouMedia Award, a separate prize is also being planned. Media products and content from young people aged between 13 and 20 will be nominated in various categories and honored at an awards ceremony in Bern. Exciting, relevant and innovative content, particularly on social media, that manages to reach, inspire and inform a young audience is eligible for the award. 

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