SRF 3 launches new music podcast "Sounds! Central"

Sounds! Zentrale" on SRF 3 is all about music and pop culture. The first episode with the topic "Band-Shirt" will be released on April 4, 2024. Claudio Landolt and Lea Inderbitzin host the music podcast.

(Image: SRF/Noelle Guidon)

"Sounds! Headquarters" follows the podcast "Sounds! Story & Talk". Two minds from the "Sounds!" universe will be involved: 27-year-old presenter Lea Inderbitzin and 39-year-old music journalist Claudio Landolt will join music journalists Gisela Feuz, Dominic Dillier, Andi Rohrer, Luca Bruno and Gregi Sigrist to discuss current pop phenomena, trends and stories from the world of rock and pop and classify milestones in pop history.

The first episode of the music podcast is all about the band shirt. Merchandising items are still very much in demand and are bought and worn by millions of people across all generations. They also raise various questions. Questions of style, questions of handling or even legal issues. Who earns money when you buy an off-the-peg band shirt from a fashion chain? This much can be revealed: It's not always the bands who make the big money.

The music podcast is published every two weeks. The first episode will be available from April 4, 2024, 4 p.m., on SRF Audio and all common podcast portals.

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