Journalists' association Impressum elects two women to the top

Fabienne Sennhauser and Caroline Gebhard are the new heads of Impressum. Edgar Bloch is leaving the Board of Directors.

(Pictures: zVg.)

The delegates' meeting of the professional association of journalists in Switzerland Impressum elected the deputy editor-in-chief of the Zurichsee-Zeitung Fabienne Sennhauser and Caroline Gebhard, journalist from La Côteto become Edgar Bloch's successors.

In just over a decade, Switzerland has lost a third of its media professionals, and Impressum has lost numerous members in proportion to this, according to a press release issued by the professional association on Friday. This is also reflected in Impressum's finances.

The delegates adopted a resolution in support of the parliamentary initiative by Isabelle Chassot, a member of the Council of States from Fribourg. The support for the electronic media - including news agencies such as Keystone-SDA - demanded by the initiative must come quickly in order to avoid further crises such as the one the media sector is currently experiencing, according to Impressum. (SDA)

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