Olten SO now publishes notices in Anzeiger Thal Gäu Olten

The city of Olten SO does not want to do without the publication of official notices in a printed newspaper. The city council has decided to replace the Stadtanzeiger Olten, which was discontinued at the end of February, with the Anzeiger Thal Gäu Olten from March, as the city of Olten announced on Thursday.

The city of Olten wants to continue publishing its official publications in a printed newspaper. (Archive image: Keystone/Alessandro Della Bella)

At the end of January, the publisher CH Media announced that it was City Gazette Olten at the end of February 2024 for economic reasons, as the city writes. Until now, the Stadtanzeiger - in addition to the website Olten.ch and the notice board - one of the official publication organs of the city of Olten.

The city council has now decided that from March the Anzeiger Thal Gäu Olten The city gazette is to be replaced as the official publication organ and the city's communication concept adapted accordingly.

It is said that this is a continuation of a proven collaboration. Even during the Corona period, when the City Gazette was published only every two weeks for economic reasons, construction publications and other urgent notices were published in the Anzeiger Thal Gäu Olten has been published.

Not everyone has digital access

In the run-up to the decision, the question arose as to whether a print publication should be dispensed with. The city writes that the fact that not all residents have access to digital services speaks against this. In addition, the government council decided in 2021 that simply posting a document on the municipal website was not sufficient for official publication.

Publication is an "obligation to provide" and the "passive provision" of a document does not meet the requirements. According to the government council, no one can be expected to check a website every day to see whether there is any notification that could trigger an appeal deadline. (SDA)

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