ESH Médias: Fewer redundancies than expected

The French-speaking Swiss media group ESH Médias is laying off 27 employees following the conclusion of the consultation process. At the end of January, the company announced its intention to cut up to 40 of a total of 340 jobs.

At the end of January, up to 40 jobs were still expected ( reported), but the consultation process completed last week has made it possible to "significantly reduce" the number of redundancies through various measures and initiatives, ESH Médias explained in a press release on Tuesday. 27 redundancies would be announced in the next few days and those affected would benefit from "accompanying measures", it said.

Six redundancies affect the editorial offices of the Group, which includes the newspapers ArcInfo, Le Nouvelliste and La Côte publishes. The company justified the reduction in particular with the declining advertising market for print media. ESH Médias was founded in the early 2000s by French media entrepreneur Philippe Hersant. (jag/SDA)

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