SRF adjusts journalistic guidelines and introduces AI guidelines

As of February 2024, SRF has made adjustments and additions to the journalistic guidelines. The guidelines now include a section on dealing with artificial intelligence (AI). In future, specific instructions will apply to the use of AI.

(Image: SRF/Gian Vaitl)

The defined Journalistic Guidelines (PLL) would be binding for all employees "who are directly or indirectly involved in SRF's journalistic work", according to a press release. This is intended to "ensure the quality and credibility of SRF's offerings". In order to be useful, the PLLs would have to be renewed on a regular basis.

New chapter on AI

In the current version, there is a chapter on artificial intelligence (AI). In it, SRF formulates its self-image in dealing with AI. This is based on the basic principles of AI throughout SRG: responsibility, transparency and confidentiality. For the practical application of AI in everyday working life, SRF has developed specific Instructions for action designed. As a first step, they regulate the use of AI applications as well as AI-generated or AI-edited texts, images and audio.

"AI is here to stay. It is therefore important that employees get to grips with this technology. At the same time, we are fulfilling our great responsibility as a public media company with these guidelines," explains Severin Mayrhofer, who heads SRF's internal "AI Ethics Group". The guidelines will be regularly updated and further developed in future.

No fundamental overhaul of the guidelines

The current revision of the Publishing Guidelines is not a complete overhaul. Adjustments were made where they were considered "necessary and sensible".

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