Swissprinters printing plant in Zofingen AG ceases operations for good

The Swissprinters printing plant in Zofingen AG will cease operations as planned at the end of September. The joint subsidiary of the Ringier and NZZ media groups will lay off 96 employees.

The company announced on Friday after the end of the consultation process that it had been able to reduce the number of redundancies announced by 48 to 96, mainly through early retirement and continued employment at Ringier. A social plan will apply to all those affected.

Swissprinters announced in mid-January that it would be closing its printing plant for various Swiss magazines at the end of September ( reported). The reason given for the discontinuation was a constant decline in order income coupled with difficult economic prospects for the future.

The Syndicom trade union said in a statement on Friday that it regretted and criticized the definitive closure of the plant. It had called for the business to be continued in a smaller form. The printing plant had been the heart of the Ringier Group for decades.

Swissprinters, the subsidiary of Ringier (70 percent) and NZZ (30 percent), says it will contact customers and other printers to find follow-up solutions, preferably in Switzerland.

A tender is being prepared for the Ringier and NZZ Group magazines. Printers in Switzerland and abroad will be invited. It is hoped that as many orders as possible can be placed in Switzerland. (SDA)

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