Modulator realizes company magazine Revue "Bewegung"

Each issue of the magazine, which is published once a year, focuses on a corporate strategy topic of the Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal GZF. The agency Modulator has realized the current issue "Movement".

In the Revue a selected health topic is presented in an easily digestible and in-depth way. The magazine provides information on current health topics and is intended to offer an insight into the wide range of medical services offered by the GZF.

The current Revue illustrates how relevant "movement" is for the human body. It is dedicated to the topic with a wide range of articles, fresh illustrations and atmospheric pictures. The magazine reflects on the human need for activity in different life situations - from a newborn baby to a senior citizen with a femoral neck fracture. An interview with the leading doctors at the Center for Movement reveals a look behind the scenes. Personal case studies and interviews with specialist therapists show how patients get back on their feet after accidents and operations.
The Basel agency is responsible for corporate publishing, the overall visual concept, the editorial design, the design of the infographics, illustrations and images, and provided further support to the editorial team.

In terms of content, the magazine aims to impress with a lively mix of topics and reader-friendly articles. On a visual level, dynamic image elements and a pedometer guide readers through the magazine. Further QR codes, exercise tips and questions for readers motivate them to be mentally and physically active. A series of images of the Rhine locates the health center in close proximity to this energetic body of water. Fresh pastel shades are intended to create lightness and a good mood.

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