Nau Media: Cooperation with FC Aarau and FC Schaffhausen

Nau Media is entering into a digital partnership with FC Schaffhausen and a collaboration with FC Aarau with immediate effect. The aim is to intensify coverage of the two football clubs on the regional pages launched last summer.

Alex Frei (left) in the FCA talk with Mischi Wettstein. (Picture: zVg.)

Thanks to the collaboration with FC Aarau and the digital partnership with FC Schaffhausen, Nau Media's sports editorial team will be even closer to the clubs in future and will also report on their youth divisions, according to a press release.

New talk formats with the associations

In addition to increased reporting, is planning to introduce two new talk formats in collaboration with the two clubs: The "FCA Talk" and the "FCS Talk". These monthly discussion rounds will be hosted by Mischi Wettstein,'s chief football reporter. The first "FCA Talk" is already online and has Alex Frei, coach of FC Aarau, as a guest.

"FC Thun is already a partner, and now we are also working closely with FC Schaffhausen and FC Aarau. This further strengthens our commitment to the region. Nau's regional pages are becoming increasingly popular and already reach an audience of millions," said Yves Kilchenmann, CEO of Nau Media, in the press release.

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