Epiphany Conference 2024: Ladina Heimgartner in a video talk

In a video interview at the Epiphany Conference of Swiss Media, Ladina Heimgartner, CEO of Ringier Media Switzerland, provides insights into the rapid development of artificial intelligence and Ringier's strategic direction. Heimgartner also comments on the current changes at Ringier, which, as has recently become known, will lead to the dismissal of over 70 employees.

Dive into this informative conversation that sheds light on Ringier's perspectives and strategies in the context of digital transformation. Watch the video and learn more about the future of media and AI first-hand.

The interview with Ladina Heimgartner, which is available in video form and was conducted on the occasion of this year's Epiphany Conference of "Schweizer Medien", sheds light on the transformation from initial enthusiasm to fears to a balanced approach to the topic of AI. Heimgartner provides insights into Ringier's early involvement in this area, emphasizes the importance of a systematic approach and explains how AI is seen as a complement to human potential.

The focus of the interview is not only on abstract considerations of artificial intelligence, but also on concrete projects, such as the introduction of a chatbot. Heimgartner shares her product perspective on the combination of reach and content, one of Ringier's key strengths, and discusses the challenges and opportunities in the area of branding, particularly in connection with brands such as Glückspost.

The interview ends with an insight into the current changes at Ringier, including mergers and necessary adjustments aimed at the continuous optimization of structures and processes. Ladina Hengartner explains the hard cut of over 70 redundancies as a measure to take a deep breath and outlines considerations for new positions and the development of job profiles.


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