Ringier Media Switzerland cuts 75 jobs

Ringier Media Switzerland is planning to cut 75 jobs as part of the merger of Blick Group RASCH, Ringier Advertising and Ringier Mediatech & Services under the new umbrella of Ringier Media Switzerland. The measure signals an adaptation of the Swiss media industry to market changes.

Ladina Heimgartner, CEO Ringier Media Switzerland

In a drastic step, Ringier Media Switzerland announces that 75 jobs are to be cut. The planned measures, in connection with the merger of the Blick Group and the former Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG (RASCH), are intended to make the company an innovative pioneer in the media industry by bundling competencies and increasing efficiency. Service areas will be particularly affected, while editorial offices and Ringier Advertising will be less severely impacted.

CEO Ladina Heimgartner emphasizes the necessity of these measures in order to create a healthy and sustainable economic basis for Ringier Media Switzerland. The consultation process will run until January 19, 2024, with implementation of the new structure starting in February of the same year.

The merger of the Blick Group and the former Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG (RASCH) was announced in September. Following a comprehensive evaluation phase, the management has now presented the future organization. The declared aim is to become the most innovative media house in Switzerland with more than 20 established titles, a broad range of topics and concentrated expertise.

Bundling of competencies

In order to achieve this goal, existing structures have been analyzed with a focus on cost-effectiveness, reducing duplicate structures and building a modern organization. In order to ensure effectiveness, agility and efficiency, the management is planning to bundle competencies in various areas. In addition to not filling vacancies and reducing material costs, a reduction of around 75 positions is essential, as the media company writes in a corresponding press release.

Service areas particularly affected

The service areas, including user market support, marketing and mediatech, are apparently more affected than the editorial offices and Ringier Advertising. The adjustments were developed in 12 working groups consisting of employees, RMS management and a consulting firm specializing in company mergers.

CEO Ladina Heimgartner today informed employees and staff committees about the planned package of measures for the realignment of Ringier Media Switzerland. The consultation process ends on January 19, 2024, and the result will be communicated at the end of January. The new structure is to be implemented from February 2024.

Clear cut and then rest...

The CEO emphasized that the planned organizational structure would create a healthy economic basis for RMS. She expressed her regret that this goal could not be achieved without job cuts. Nevertheless, it was considered better to make a clear cut and then allow calm to prevail. Referring to the existing social plans, she mentioned that tried and tested instruments were available to cushion the consequences for the colleagues affected.

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