VSM calls for clear rules for dealing with AI in journalism

The Swiss Media Publishers Association VSM is calling for clear rules for the use of AI with journalistic content. This should only take place within the framework of the Swiss legal system. Media companies also receive recommendations for the use of AI.

(Symbolic image: Pixabay/Kiquebg)

The Manifesto "Artificial intelligence only within the framework of the Swiss legal system" formulates clear principles that must be observed by operators and developers of artificial intelligence (AI), the VSM announced on Thursday. Compliance with these principles and Swiss law is crucial for the continued existence of the economic basis of media professionals. In this way, the public's trust in facts, journalism and democracy can be maintained.

The VSM requires AI operators and their applications to respect intellectual property, fairness in the market and competition, transparency regarding the use of content, quality and integrity of content, security and responsibility as well as cooperation between AI operators and the media.

In addition, the VSM Recommendations for how media companies should deal with AI applications in journalistic work to its members, according to the press release. Responsible use, transparency, journalistic control and training are important. (SDA)

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