Anzeiger Region Bern dares a new start

This Wednesday marks the beginning of a new era for the Anzeiger Region Bern. For the first time, the paper will be published as an "editorial-strong weekly newspaper with topics that are relevant to people in the region and city of Bern". This was announced by the publisher Scribentes Media on Tuesday.

The first issue of the redesigned Anzeiger Region Bern will be in mailboxes on Wednesday. (Image: zVg.)

He wants to take advantage of the fact that the Scoreboard is no longer the official publication for most municipalities in the region. The newspaper should establish itself as an information medium for the region.

A six-person editorial team with 300 full-time equivalents will ensure this. It will be headed by Fabian Christl, whose team will "report as comprehensively as possible from the region with a constructive and critical eye, highlight different views and promote discourse", as stated in the press release.

"We focus on the relevance of the content, not on the assumed or measured interest of the readership," Christof Ramseier, owner and CEO of Scribentes Media, is quoted as saying in the press release. This is also intended to counteract the shrinking diversity of media.

50,000 free copies

In the city of Bern and selected agglomeration municipalities, the Anzeiger will be distributed to all letterboxes without stop stickers. Around 50,000 copies will be delivered free of charge. The Bern Region Scoreboard can also be subscribed to.

To coincide with the first issue of the newly designed weekly newspaper, the publisher is launching the website with current editorial articles. They will be accessible to registered readers free of charge from January.

Official notices will continue to be issued by the Bern Region Scoreboard from Stettlen from 2024. This municipality has decided to continue delivering a print product to its population.

Most municipalities take a different approach. The option to publish official publications such as planning applications and municipal resolutions exclusively on the internet has been available in the canton of Bern since the beginning of 2023.

A year ago, the municipal association Anzeiger Region Bern decided to discontinue the Anzeiger at the end of 2023. The reasons given were the publication's deficits ( reported). (SDA/swi)

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