Bund editor-in-chief Isabelle Jacobi leaves Tamedia

After almost two years as Editor-in-Chief of the Bund in Bern, Isabelle Jacobi is leaving Tamedia to join the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) as foreign editor from April 2024, where she will be responsible for the USA dossier.

Isabelle Jacobi, who has been the Confederationeditor-in-chief and in this function was also a member of the editorial board of BZ Bernese Newspaper and The Covenant As editor-in-chief, she has made a significant contribution to the independence of the Bernese title and sharpened its profile, according to a press release. The model of a joint editorial team for BZ and Bund in Bern and the titles in the Bernese Oberland will be retained. The position of Bund editor-in-chief will be newly filled.

"Isabelle Jacobi has positioned the Bund as an important mouthpiece in the federal city. She has further developed the popular 'Bund im Gespräch' and created a political highlight in the election year with the Vatter/Freiburghaus format," says Simon Bärtschi, Editor-in-Chief of the overall editorial team of all Tamedia titles in Bern.

Her departure has nothing to do with the Bern editorial team, but is a personal professional decision, said Jacobi. From April 2024, she will be the foreign editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) where she will be responsible for the USA dossier. Before her time in Switzerland, she worked as a correspondent for Radio SRF in Washington.

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