ERF media: Fenster zum Sonntag presenter leaves after 15 years

After 15 years on air, presenter Ruedi Josuran is retiring next year. A suitable successor is currently being sought by job advertisement.

Image: ERF Medien.

Change in the moderation of the Fenster zum Sonntag talk show at ERF Medien: Ruedi Josuran will retire in the summer of 2024 after 15 years on the air. The successor is currently being sought via job advertisement and casting. Until the change in just under a year, Ruedi Josuran will continue to ask his guests questions about God and the world.

Every other weekend, Ruedi Josuran is present on Swiss television - since summer 2009, he has hosted the program Fenster zum Sonntag-Talk. "15 years on the air - that's longer than I ever imagined" says Ruedi Josuran. A new presenter is currently being sought by job advertisement and by casting. Nothing will change for viewers until the summer of 2024. Next year, the talk show will continue to be broadcast in its tried-and-tested format as a conversation with one or more guests. The focus will be on authentic life stories and faith experiences of the invited persons.

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