Blick TV discontinues its previous news broadcasts

After three and a half years, the online station Blick TV is ceasing operations in the traditional form. The digital channel will no longer broadcast daily news programs as of Monday. It wants to focus on breaking news, special programs and new formats.

The three daily news broadcasts will no longer exist as of Monday, but this is anything but the end of Blick TV, a spokesperson for the Ringier publishing house told the Keystone-SDA news agency on Thursday.

Earlier, CH Media reported that Blick TV would air its three daily formats "Blick am Morgen," "Fokus" and "Der Tag in fünf Minuten" for the last time on Friday.

Video is and remains a priority for the Blick Group, the spokesperson added. Blick currently achieves around one million video views per day. In the future, the focus will be on event highlights, such as the recent live broadcasts from the Unspunnen in Interlaken BE. Blick will also continue to offer videos on demand for important events, special broadcasts and new formats such as the current "Beni da richtig?" or "Adela, bitte wähl mich!

Scherrer and Spiess remain

Blick TV's leading lights Reto Scherrer and Sylwina Spiess are to continue appearing in live broadcasts. The shows "Achtung, Reto, los!" and "sichtbar" are also to continue.

The employees of the Blick Group were informed about the changes and restructuring in a plenary meeting on Tuesday. Blick TV will disappear from the organization chart as a unit.

It was initially unclear how many of the 48 people committed at the launch are now affected. There will be shifts along the reorganization in the newsroom, the spokesman said. He did not provide details. "We will communicate details when we have clarity," said Ladina Heimgartner, CEO of Ringier Medien Schweiz, in an interview with

On air since 2020

Blick TV went on air for the first time in February 2020. The digital-only station built new studios for it in the Ringier press building in Zurich. Since then, it has broadcast a news and entertainment program daily from 06:00 to 23:00.

From the very beginning, Blick TV was integrated into the Blick newsroom in terms of content and space and covered the entire range of Blick topics. Journalists from the Blick editorial team worked as correspondents and experts for television. For international reports and live streams, Blick entered into a partnership with the US news channel CNN. (SDA)

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