"Imagique" aims to bring Swiss film closer to the public

The Swiss film industry associations are launching a new online news portal for Swiss film and series creation. "Imagique" aims to build a close relationship with the local audience by reporting on new and old films, but also on series, focusing on the people behind them and their professions.

Imagique aims to bring audiences closer to Swiss film and series creation and to involve them directly. To build this relationship, Imagique provides regular news, reports and interviews about local films and series newly launched in cinemas, on TV or on a streaming service.

Imagique is on location when filming starts, tells background stories about the people involved in these projects and lets the audience participate in the creation process early on. In the process, the online news portal also takes a look behind the curtain by presenting film professions, putting people at the center. The public is offered the opportunity to be there in person on film sets, to vote on film poster variants or to win festival passes and tickets to walk the red carpet themselves.

A feasibility study conducted in 2020 in collaboration with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts had already shown that the audience of all age groups surveyed would like to see more presence of Swiss film. As a specialized news platform, Imagique aims to address this need and strengthen the perception of Swiss film. As a cooperation partner, Cinergy has launched the new Website implemented on its existing platform Cineman.ch.

However, Imagique operates under its own name and as an independent brand. It operates its own editorial team and curates its content independently. The portal was created with the support of the Federal Office of Culture and the Canton of Zurich's Office of Culture as part of the "Transformation Projects" program of the Covid grants and is supported by the Swiss film and audiovisual associations. The website has been online for a few days, and in addition a Instagram channel led. According to information, news is published several times a week.

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