New podcast-first strategy at Radio Life Channel

Starting Monday, everything will be different at Radio Life Channel: The 14-member radio team is now relying on a podcast-first strategy. The twelve new, stand-alone podcast series will flow into the radio station's live programming after release.

The co-leaders of Radio Life Channel: Michelle Boss and Simon Müller. (Image: Erf Medien)

Radio Life Channel has been broadcasting as a 24/7 radio station for almost 18 years and accompanies its listeners through the day. From the very beginning, the goal of the radio makers has been to make Christian spirituality a topic in talks and contributions.

This goal of reporting on God and the world has remained to this day. But the way it's done requires change, according to a news release. "As a team, we've been thinking about how we can reach more people, especially those who prefer podcasts and listen to content on a time-shifted basis. That's why we're introducing new audio productions and products to target topics that can't be adequately covered in the brevity of live radio," said Simon Mueller, co-head of Radio Life Channel.

The podcasts as a whole, but also individual topics and excerpts from them prepared as short reports, will subsequently flow into the programming of Radio Life Channel. Familiar formats will be retained on the station, including the usual positive music and accompaniment through the day. This will be supplemented by new content that will offer even more depth and reflect social issues.

More depth through podcasts

Starting in September, twelve new podcast series will be launched, published under the ERF Medien label. The current hosts and editors of the Radio Life Channel team will produce them and act as hosts of the individual podcasts. "In-depth topics can be better covered in the longer podcast formats," explains Michelle Boss, co-head of Radio Life Channel and journalistic director ERF Medien. "Podcasts give us the opportunity to dive deeper and track a story, a topic - without the heavy time constraints that live radio demands."

For example, in the podcast "endlich leben," guests will talk about dying and death and tell what their knowledge of finiteness means for their lives. In the podcast "Glaubenssache," two guests with different faiths talk about life, faith and church topics. The podcast "positive" brings a weekly dose of encouraging news about gratifying world events. An overview of the twelve new podcast series is available at is switched on.

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