Why cinema belongs more than ever in every moving image mix

On the morning of August 30, "Cinema - It Matters" will take place at Zurich's Blue Cinema Corso. Five speakers will explain why cinema is taking off right now.

Christof Kaufmann, CEO of Weischer.Cinema Switzerland, will lead through the morning, which is themed "Size, Emotion and Flow Matters". Among other things, the event will discuss how the streaming landscape in Switzerland is changing and why all visual forces are needed more than ever. "The fact that cinema as the mother of all moving image media is more vital than ever, why streaming primarily competes with linear TV consumption, why emotions significantly increase advertising contact quality and how media consumption in flow gilds contacts - in short, why cinema must be part of every moving image mix more than ever - will be answered by our guest speakers on August 30, 2023. A must for every advertiser," says Kaufmann.

After a welcome speech by the CEO of Weischer.Cinema Switzerland, Matthias Keller, CEO of Paterson-Entertainment, will talk about the latest trends and market news directly from Hollywood and explain what they mean for the Swiss market. He will also show what the streaming landscape in Switzerland looks like and what the future holds.

Christian Tingler, Head of Research at Weischer.Cinema Deutschland, will then explain why moviegoers are so emotionally receptive in their seats. The connection with the subconscious and what the whole thing has to do with advertising was investigated live and in color directly in the movie theater by the market research institute September Strategie & Forschung.

Sven Reinecke, Director of the Institute for Marketing at the University of St. Gallen, together with Sven Kannler, will present a study conducted by the Institute for Marketing & Customer Insight at the University of St. Gallen HSG in cooperation with Philoro and IWC as well as Weischer.Cinema Switzerland. The study analyzed the effect of the different contact quality of the three advertising channels TV, YouTube and cinema. A central element of the comparative study was the consideration of the factor "flow," which - in addition to classic product/brand involvement - is a measurable indicator of the willingness to absorb information in an advertising channel and thus influences advertising absorption and ultimately advertising success.

The event "Cinema - It Matters" starts on Wednesday, August 30 at 8 a.m. with coffee and croissants in Blue Cinema Corso at Zurich Bellevue.

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