2nd season of the Oneplus show "The 40..." starts

On CH Media Entertainment's streaming service, an episode of the ranking show will be released every Wednesday starting in mid-July, highlighting 40 songs from different genres.

Image: CH Media

The CH Media Entertainment streaming service will exclusively release the second season of the ranking show "Die 40..." from July 12, 2023. In each of the six episodes, the 40 biggest music hits in a category are selected. Presenter Marco Fritsche celebrates the biggest movie hits, the most beautiful love songs or the most popular après-ski hits with studio guests and live acts.

The greatest movie hits

The 40 best songs from a particular genre are always highlighted and celebrated. The biggest movie hits will kick off on July 12, 2023. After that, another episode will be released every Wednesday on oneplus, only the last two episodes later - in keeping with the season.

It continues with the best cover songs, the most beautiful love songs, the biggest dance hits, the most popular après-ski hits and the most beautiful Christmas hits. A new episode is published every Wednesday.


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