Vegetable roulette: Watson and Bosch spin their wheels

The newly launched cooking series "Vegetable Roulette" is intended to give Watson users an insight into the working world of a top chef and to convey tips and tricks on how to create great things from simple ingredients.

The digital news portal Watson has together with Bosch the cooking series vegetable roulette on its feet. In creative collaboration with Bosch, the Watson-video team came up with the idea and then implemented it in the Bosch showroom in Geroldswil.

Together with Glarus sous chef and food influencer Noah Bachofen conjures up Watson-Nico Franzoni creates great dishes from simple ingredients. The wheel of fortune determines which vegetables are to be prepared. In this way, a new, purely vegetable-based dish is created week after week in the Bosch showroom. The cooking series is intended to Watson-The recipes show the community how easy it is to cook healthy, fresh and delicious meals. With the help of the recipes, the dishes can be recreated at home.

"The creative collaboration with Bosch shows how content can be developed together with customers in the form of co-creations that offer users real added value," explains Thomas Müller, Chief Commercial Officer at Watson. "In this way, together with our partners, we manage to stage products with a wide reach in a credible environment."

"As a brand, you can only reach customers today with relevant, emotional content. This requires the courage to break new ground and invest in authentic concepts instead of advertising alone," says Regine Schoeller, Brand Communication Manager Central Europe Bosch.

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